Sunday Best: Megachurches, the Book of Common Prayer, and Mormonism


“Megachurch Study Suggests Big Congregations Make Worship ‘Intoxicating’ Experience.” Is there an ideal church size? What about an ideal corporate worship experience?

What Americans Actually Do All Day Long, In 2 Graphics.

Have you seen the pictures that will allegedly restore your faith in humanity? How does this relate to Wesleyan prevenient grace?

Here are some suggestions on annotating texts from James K.A. Smith.

How do you explain the violent judgment of Ananias and Sapphira? Gregory Boyd responds in this interview.

Have doubts about using the Book of Common Prayer? The Atlantic covers its use this week in “Rhythm, Repetition, and the ‘Book of Common Prayer’.”

Dr. Ben Witherington III blogs on why mormons are not Christians, properly speaking. The issue at stake is Christology.

Read and understand Calvinism better. See the story “The Consequences of Calvinism” over at the Gospel Coalition.


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