Sunday Best: New Mentoring Resource, Church & Counseling, the 1960’s


Monday, March 11 marks the release of Shaping Their Future: Mentoring Students Through Their Formative College Years by Guy Chmieleski. This is a must read for anyone working in college ministry or wanting to be a mentor. Watch the trailer and order your copy today!

Christ Tomlin is called the “king of the sing-along” by CNN.

It’s time to celebrate, for doctors have cured a child born with HIV.

Church and counseling raises complex issues. Here is one take on the dangers and opportunities.

Frank Viola runs a piece which reports, “Recent Research Reveals How Facebook Causes Envy & Jealousy.”

Ever think about where should Christians buy clothes?

Public Intellectual Os Guinness does an interview on the 1960’s and its influence on our culture.

N.T. Wright admits that the Church is often hypocritical, but critiques the media and its veiled moralizing.

Tim Keller writes about the need for doctrinal standards, even though some naively think they “just need Jesus.”


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