Sunday Best: Miracles by Craig Keener, Hobby Lobby, Resolutions, Memorizing Scripture


Life News, a pro-life organization, reports Hobby Lobby CEO pens tragic letter about loss of religious freedom.

Dr. Craig Keener wins merit award for his book Miracles from Christianity Today.

James K. A. Smith on giving up on new years resolutions at Mars Hill Church.

Mark Driscoll shares 32 ways to memorize Scripture.

Some push back on the negative reviews of The Hobbit, reminding us that fairy tales work in a subversive way.

Peter Enns writes, arguing that the Bible is not the center of the Christian faith.

ā€œIā€™m fat. Not fluffy. Not big-boned. Not husky. Just plain old fat,ā€ begins an article from

Dallas Theological Seminary posts a podcast series discussing how to address homosexuality.


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