Sunday Best: New Archbishop, Ramadan, Church Divorce

Sunday Best: New Archbishop, Ramadan, Church Divorce

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The Anglican Church in North America has elected Foley Beach as their new Archbishop.

U.S. soccer start Clint Dempsey credits Jesus for his career success.

Ed Stetzer offers facts and summaries in his write-up, “Hillsong at a Glance.”

The New York Times hosts a conversation addressing contemporary American capitalism and Christian values.

Reports show that violent deaths in schools have actually been declining.

New research suggests that church divorce rates are significantly lower than everyone has thought.

Sarah Pulliam Bailey reports that after its shifty in gay policy, World Vision is trying to strengthen its evangelical base.

Twitter releases statement encouraging users to celebrate Ramadan using social sites.

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter claims that the growing interest in soccer is a sign of the nation’s moral decay.

Photoshop artists from around the world offer their own take on beauty using the same picture.


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