Sunday Best: No Civil Forum, More Chaste Celebrities, New Trinitarian Works


Read why Pastor Rick Warren and Saddleback Church chose not to host a civil forum before this year’s upcoming elections.

Caught up in the day-to-day demands of ministry, clergy often find it difficult to take time to attend to their health. But in North Carolina, UMC clergy are learning that it’s more than OK to care for themselves. Read more at Faith and Leadership.

Why don’t we like waiting for the Lord? There are fascinating implications here at The New York Times.

See thousands of pages of new books on trinitarian theology via Fred Sanders at the Scriptorium.

Trust the process, and Practice Slowness—just one of the “Five Rules for Believing Writers” by Dave Harrity at Antler.

“This is not the only awkward question one might ask: for example, which is more unacceptable to a Baptist – a woman preaching credobaptism or a man preaching paedobaptism?” Carl Trueman writes a piece called “Confused by Complementarians” over at Reformation 21.

Living the Abstinent Lifestyle in New York“—it seems like chaste Tim Tebow will have company in New York.

Statistics show that faith, at least a certain kind of faith, is falling in the US. BBC speculates on why this phenomenon is happening.


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