Sunday Best: Obamacare Explained, Colorado Wildfires & the Wrath of God, Interdependence Day Celebrated


With the passing of Andy Griffith, Frank Smith speculates why people fell in love with his show. “Mayberry’s characters all showed what it was like to be fallible. And yet within their fallibility could be found real humor, not the strained, bitter, or cynical type with which we’re bombarded today.”

This week there was a major discovery that led scientists one step closer to discovering the “God particle.” Physicists step up and explain what this means for a popular audience. Have you considered the science and faith dialogue? The Biologos Foundation is one important voice in this conversation.

The Church of England—the ecclesial home of John Wesley—is voting Monday on whether to change their 2,000 year position on ordaining women. Read about it at the Huffington Post.

Michael Hidalgo blogs over at Sojourners asking questions about the Colorado Springs wildfire and the wrath of God. He wonders why the common voices on this topic aren’t speaking out now.

We hope you had a happy Independence Day here in America this past week. Here is an interview with Os Guinness on an upcoming book. He writes, “America actually holds the key to many of the world issues today, but she’s not living up to her own greatness.” Also, have you considered observing “Interdependence Day?” Shane Claiborne writes a compelling piece calling into question rugged individualism. He also offers some great practical suggestions for celebrating our need for each other.

Just for fun, and in case you haven’t seen it already, here’s a video of San Diego city’s failed fireworks show this year. Due to a computer malfunction, the entire show was over in just 15 seconds.




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