Sunday Best: Post-Christian America, Homeless Wedding Banquet, Enamel Trinitarianism


When a couple called off their wedding, the families did something unexpected for the homeless.

Barna covers the most post-Christian cities in America.

Peter Enns claims that Jesus wants you to take historical criticism seriously.

Jen Bradbury responds to insecurities about high schoolers liking other youth groups better than theirs.

Fred Sanders writes up enamel trinitarianism.

James K.A. Smith offers advice on how to annotate books as you read.

Isaac Hopper reminds us that the bride is beautiful.

California attempts to require a web wide “delete” button for teens.

Scot McKnight shares the stories of several women in the early church.

Sam Tsang explains why cultural sensitivity is so important in mission.

Thomas Irby writes in defense of contemporary worship.


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