Sunday Best: Praying on Twitter, Christian Adoption, Satan in Pop Culture


Near Emmaus writes, “Satan According to Bono and Mick Jagger.”

Matt Lipan covers the spirituality of the Avett Brothers.

Did you grow up hearing this gospel?

Some people this week are inquiring into the meaning of praying on Twitter.

Derwin L. Gray, former linebacker, shares 10 symptoms of emotionally unhealthy spirituality.

There was a double tragedy in Rick Warren’s family recently.

Craig Keener writes about Revelation, Politics, and Injustice.

Woman befriends man convicted of her sister’s murder, helps exonerate him after 17 years.

The Christian adoption movement was recently under attack. Jonathan Merritt comes to its defense with a thoughtful article.

Kevin Watson blogs about his upcoming book on Wesleyan class meetings.

Seedbed author Dave Harrity gets interviewed by Sojourn Arts & Culture.




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