Sunday Best: Promoting Abstinence, Screaming Babies in Worship, Islam & Feminism


At Faith on Campus, learn about one sexual boundary that might just work for promoting abstinence.

Russell Moore attempts to answer, should a Christian photographer work at a same-sex ceremony?

Peter J. Leightheart writes “Freeing Protestantism from Liberalism” over at First Things.

Read, “Sin and the Christian Life,” a response to Rachel Held Evans recent article, by Kevin Watson.

Terry Mattingly suggests our “war on screaming babies” during worship is misguided.

One opinion column in USA today is suggesting parents accommodate to teen culture by encouraging youth cohabitation.

Why is liberal protestantism dying anyway? asks one popular blog.

Ben Witherington suggests how Christians should think on the issue of abortion.

Vicky Beeching asks a muslim, “Can Islam and feminism co-exist?


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