Sunday Best: Religious Trends, the Afterlife, Filming Jesus' Second Coming


Are young evangelicals tending towards liberalism? Joe Carter contends this is myth.

Some Christian groups are ready to catch the second coming of Jesus on video. They’ve positioned themselves strategically in Jerusalem.

Dr. Craig Keener writes some insightful thoughts on gender and the Bible.

One top brain surgeon says he believes in the afterlife. Read his story about why he thinks so.

Zac Hicks defends the kind of worship songs many love to hate; the ones where Jesus “sounds like a boyfriend.” Now read why new churches should sing old songs.

Ever felt offended at the words of Jesus comparing a certain woman to a dog? Larry Hurtado explains why no offense is necessary.

Read an interesting story coming out of Germany about a church and its serving the sacraments based on taxes.

A study suggests 1 in 5 people claim no religious affiliation.

For those interested in philosophy, James K.A. Smith comments on some trends he notices in his discipline.


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