Sunday Best: The Worst Charities, Hearing God, Boy Scouts and the Church


Is Christian Apologetics unbiblical? Peter Enns interviews Myron Penner.

Our managing editor Andrew Dragos writes on the nuances of the term “biblical.”

“America’s Worst Charities.” The Tampa Bay Times reports.

Want to hear God better? Start by overhearing, says Fred Sanders.

Have you seen the new software to help people become more social?

Do we still need mega churches? Check out Willow Creek’s massive $10 million care center.

Marc Cortez writes on 3 mistakes we make when talking about the sovereignty of God.

Matt Lipan writes on the Boy Scouts, the gay issue, and the Church in “Scouting an Invitation.”

Joshua Toepper reflects on Anglican liturgy.

A US census shows that white children are nearly a minority in America. What does this mean for the church’s worship and mission?


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