Sunday Best: Women Bishops, Productive Pastor, History through Instagram


Pastor Chad Brooks begins a unique podcast called “Productive Pastor.”

Jeremy SteeleĀ  urges us to “Steve Jobs” our churches.

Andrew Thompson points us to a piece he’s written on the practical aspects of the General Rules.

Carey Nieuwhof highlights 7 signs that your church is making inroads with unchurched people.

Dave Ramsey writes a list of “20 things that rich people do every day.”

The Church of England may be seeing women in bishops in its near future.

Anthony Bradley confronts the evangelical tribalism in New York City.

Dennis Kinlaw asks, “Are you drinking enough?

See this fun post on what history would look like if chronicled through Instagram.

Tim McClendon publishes 12 helpful sayings for pastors in ministry.


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  1. Earlier this week, a friend linked to this article:

    While it’s clearly not written the same way as the David Ramsey article nor written objectively, it does sort of cast the DR article in a different light. I read the working poor article first, and then after reading what I’ll assume is the article that inspired it, I was left with a bad taste in my mouth — almost as if the idea from the DR article is that the poor are lazy, uneducated, disorganized, uncivilized and morally inferior and that’s why they’re poor.

    No, I don’t agree with all the claims of the PJ article, but I at least understand the mistake it would be to see causation in the correlated values in the DR article.