Surviving the Hunger Games

Surviving the Hunger Games

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hunger games

Seedbed is pleased to offer Surviving the Hunger Games: A Conversation Guide, free of charge, tying the upcoming film The Hunger Games with Wesleyan oriented theological and philosophical thought. We have created what we call, a “Conversation Guide” geared towards the same audience that has already read the best-selling books and will view the movie on March 23. We structured this guide not as a study of the movie or a Bible study, but rather, as an in depth look at how we can deal with many of the questions that arise after engaging with this story.




Tim Shangle, the author, has broken the guide up into five sections. Each addresses a specific theme or topic, echoing scenes and events from the book and movie. The sections are relevant to an audience who is not fully engaged with Scripture as well as those who are. They address issues of hunger and the reality that many families are malnourished even though they have roofs over their heads, the idea that all families have struggles with brokenness, uncovering our differences and more importantly our similarities and how we can work together, whether society is desensitized to violence, and the idea of humility and its role against the powerful.

Each section contains:

  • A brief synopsis explaining the events in the story and the larger philosophical thoughts one can learn
  • thought provoking questions to stimulate personal growth and holiness
  • activities to practically apply  new theological understandings
  • countercultural wisdom from John Wesley, Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther King Jr., and Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  • Bible verses to dig deeper and begin to explore the role of scripture in personal transformation
  • a relevant prayer to conclude the section

We encourage you to download, share, and distribute this new resource to all of your friends, family, and churches. You can download a sample chapter, or get the full ebook from the Seedbed store. Both are free of charge and meant for wide distribution.

If you would like to feature this resource on your site, or are interested in more information we are making a press kit available. It contains the press release, photo of the cover, and the sample chapter that you are free to give away on your own site.

Finally, our publication of this conversation guide does not imply Seedbed’s endorsement of The Hunger Games Movie. This publication constitutes our recognition that millions and millions of students will view the film. Our interest is in providing a theological and philosophical context for healthy and hopeful Christian discipleship and pre-discipleship interaction around the film. Neither is this publication authorized, approved, licensed or endorsed by Suzanne Collins, her publisher or Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation.

Let us know what you think and how you plan to use this resource in the comments.


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