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Tammie Grimm ~ Praying in Holy Boldness

“But prayer is not always natural. Prayer can be some of the hardest work a Christian can do. Because prayer does call us into a space in which we admit our complete helplessness to engineer our lives and petition the Triune God of the universe to intercede on our behalf, prayer can be a humbling act of submission we do not want to engage in – especially when we think we have the means to fulfill our potential by ourselves.”

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Maxie Dunnam ~ Prayer and Fasting: Embracing Voluntary Weakness

Fasting is more than denying ourselves food. It is choosing to act out, by temporarily denying ourselves food, that we do not live by bread alone. We are completely dependent upon God, and we deliberately choose voluntary weakness. We become identifiably humble in the face of the problems with which we are dealing. We admit to each other, and primarily to God: only you can get us through this “mess.”

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Bishop Ken Carter ~ Accountability Meditation – Luke 20

Is it alive? Does it glorify God? Does it produce an abundant harvest that blesses friend and stranger? Are we making new, younger, more diverse disciples of Jesus Christ? For the mainline church in the United States, and the United Methodist Church in particular, this is our primary task.

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Kimberly Reisman ~ Becoming My Prayers

I often talk about “speaking faith,” which for me means (among other things) giving life to our ideas and beliefs by speaking them aloud. Moving them from the realm of our personal, interior selves to an external realm where they can become infectious and dynamic. That’s the kind of thing I want to happen to my prayers, to my fasting, to whatever self-denial I decide to undertake.

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Clumsy Stewards of Our Own Lives

Richard Rohr uses the term, “clumsy stewards” to describe how many people manage and tend to their inner selves. I know he is right about me. I most certainly am a clumsy steward of my own self.

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To Breath is to Pray

We are ‘unfinished’ humans until we consent to the power of the Spirit and are drawn into a wholeness of being… Christian spiritual masters through the centuries have had different ways of describing that process.

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