The Church Should Start Reading the Bible as Literature

Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary

The Bible is a gift from God that announces the good news of Jesus Christ to all of creation. It is also a remarkable book that collects diverse pieces of literature spanning thousands of years and numerous genres. In light of these truths, the church should read the Bible as more than literature but never less than literature. This practice means being attentive to the special ways in which the human authors shaped their texts, and honoring these texts as the powerful instruments by which God is shaping us into his people. (see our “Top 10 Books on Reading the Bible as Literature”)

In this (admittedly short) Seven Minute Seminary video, Dr. David Grubbs suggests that the church begin to read the Bible as literature. Watch for more upcoming videos from David soon. David Grubbs co-hosts the Christian Humanist Podcast with Dr. Nathan P. Gilmour and Dr. Michial Farmer, where they discuss philosophy, theology, literature, and other things that human beings do well. Listen to them on iTunes here.

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Dr. David Grubbs is Assistant Professor of English at Houston Baptist University, a regular host and panelist on the Christian Humanist Podcast, as well as a regular interviewer on the Christian Humanist Profiles podcast (available on iTunes U). His doctoral dissertation reads the Creation Song in Beowulf within the patristic and early medieval Christian apologetic tradition, in order to shed light on the ethnic and religious identities of Beowulf’s characters.