The February 1 Resource Release is Here!

The February 1 Resource Release is Here!

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Little Book:  Seeds: A scattering of ground breaking ideas. Volume One

J.D. Walt, Seedbed Sower in Chief, edited  this collection of powerful excerpts framing the influences, life and ministry of John Wesley. Though available in digital format, this is one to get in print. This one is for sale.


Seedbed Short:  And the Door was Shut by Dr. David Seamands

Dr. Steve Seamands shared with us the transcript of one of his late Father’s sermons on the subject of hell. He offers it as an effective doctrinal and practical approach to preaching this subject in the local church. Because hell has been quite the “hot” topic in recent months with Rob Bell’s book and the several books in response, we offer this Seedbed Short in digital download format free of charge.


Seedbed Short: So You’re Moving: Guidance for Pastors and Churches in Leadership Transition

Bob Kaylor, author, speaker and senior pastor of a growing Church in Monument, Colorado, offers a 10 step overview of the best practices of churches and pastors who do pastoral transition well. Based on extensive research and proven results, this Seedbed Short will offer helpful guidance to pastors and churches in transition. This digital download is offered at no charge.


Seedbed Short Series: What I’m learning since seminary with Brian Collier

In this second issue of the “Since Seminary” series Brian Collier, Lead Pastor of The Orchard, a dynamic multi-site congregation in Mississippi,  offers some lessons he’s learned on leadership. The big idea centers around leadership oriented around the Kingdom, verses leadership oriented around the local church. This one is available in digital format and is free of charge.


Media Resource: The iTunes U Seedbed Collections

We are pleased to announce the opening of the Seedbed Media Collections being hosted on iTunes University. Look for the Awakening Holiness collection of addresses by Tim Tennent, corresponding with the release of the resource by the same title in January. We have posted a collection of the sermons and lectures of N.T. Wright on the occasions when he has spoken at our seminary. Finally, we are offering the complete class of the Revelation of John with Dr. Robert Mulholland. All of these resources are free of charge.


SING Lenten Psalm Scripture Reader Soundtrack

We could call this one a Scripture Singer instead of a reader. We have a masterfully edited collection of Psalms arranged for each of the days of Lent and Easter and set to music. The soundtrack is available at no charge here. A soundtrack recorded by the Seedbed Band will be available soon. There’s still time to get a Spring Reader here.


Launching Seedbed Sponsored Blog #1

Seedbed is pleased to announce that Timothy C. Tennent is our first official Seedbed Sponsored Blog. Dr. Tennent has proven to be a popular blogger across the church through the combination of his depth of theological insight and his incisive cultural analysis. This site is chock full of posts, publications and podcast media resources.


Poster:  The Signs of Maturity  (from the official unpublished papers of E. Stanley Jones)

Searching through our archives, we found some type written pages with the heading “Signs of Maturity” under the signature of E. Stanley Jones. We captured one of the lists in this poster. The metrics may not be what you would expect. And this one is free of charge.


Swag: Seeds to the People Shoulder Bag

Finally, how can we open a site called Seedbed without a good old fashioned Seedbag. We have a limited number of these signature bags which read in large print, “Seeds to the People,” set beside the Seedbed logo. Order one today.



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