The Future for Empty Churches (Episode 10)


Have you ever wondered if there is a future for empty churches? Ever wonder what purpose God might have for downtown churches that now sit empty? Ever wonder how the church can join with other municipal services to bring redemption in Jesus’ name? Join Graham Singh, Executive Director of Church Planting Canada, as he shares how empty churches provide opportunities for church plants and how the church can be part of the “urban trinity,” cooperating with police and municipalities.


Jeff Olive ( has served as a pastor in the Texas Annual Conference for the past 15 years. Currently he is the Director of New Church Development overseeing the formation of new congregations throughout the Conference. Prior to his current appointment he planted and pastored a growing new congregation called Dayspring UMC in Tyler, Texas. He continues to coach and consult with a number of church planters in several Annual Conferences and serves as Editor of the Seedbed Church Planter Collective.