The Gospel of the Son of Man: A New Introduction to Matthew by David Bauer


For decades a fiery scholar has been working away at his craft of Inductive Bible Study in the small town of Wilmore, Kentucky. Dr. David Bauer, Professor of Biblical Interpretation at Asbury Theological Seminary, is the stuff of legend. By now generations of pastors and teachers have cut their biblical studies teeth in his celebrated introductory class on the Gospel of Matthew. I have never experienced anything like it before or since. His methodical precision with the Word of God is only exceeded by his contagious passion for the God of the Word.

Late last year, the long awaited magnum opus of a book released from IVP Academic. We wanted to celebrate its release with a small fireworks show of our own at

Be advised. This is a thorough-going academic work—about as far as one can get from Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul. It could be one of the most meaty biblical studies works you ever own. In our judgment, it would be worth getting the book if only to celebrate the glory of God in the work of a biblical scholar like David Bauer.

From the publisher:

At climactic points Jesus is so identified—by Peter, by a Roman centurion, by Jesus himself, and by God the Father. With The Gospel of the Son of God, David Bauer provides a comprehensive introduction to this Gospel that has been so foundational to the Christian church. Arguing that the nature of Matthew itself should provide us with the framework for its study, he presents a holistic inductive approach with a literary, theological, and canonical focus.

In the first section on orientation, Bauer explores issues of genre, interpretive methods, authorship, audience, and literary structure. Then he moves to interpretation, guiding readers through the meaning of sections of the text. Finally, the reflection section synthesizes and develops major theological themes emerging from the interpretation, including Christology, salvation history, eschatology, and discipleship.

While providing a sound basis for the study of Matthew, Bauer goes beyond typical introductory issues to draw out the rich theological vision of the Gospel. His careful scholarship and clear exposition will make this a valuable resource for college and seminary students and pastors.

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