The Protestant Reformation in Wesleyan Perspective

The year 2017 marked 500 years since the Protestant Reformation. In today’s Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Jason Vickers interprets this reform movement, of which Methodism was a part, by focusing on two of its renewal emphases:

  1. The Authority of Scripture (sola scriptura)
  2. The Role of Faith in Salvation (sola fides)

In addition to the role of Scripture in determining church doctrine, Vickers suggests we also understand it as a means of grace unto salvation. In addition to the place of faith in salvation, he also reminds us that faith without works is dead.

Learn more about the entirety of the five solas of the Reformation—watch this video by Kenneth Collins; Learn more about John Wesley’s broad theological heritage—watch this video by Laurence Wood. Read John Wesley’s works in their original words: Seedbed is proud to present the John Wesley Collection, a beautifully laid out series of books that packages Wesley’s sermons into themes. View them in our store here.

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  1. Love this message about Wesleyan theology. Dr. Vickers book with Dr. Collins is excellent book about the Christian journey.

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