40 Day Lenten Challenge: Sing the Psalms Daily

40 Day Lenten Challenge: Sing the Psalms Daily


Four years ago, we began a new practice of singing one Psalm every day together, at the start of the day. There were days when we were overcome with new insights or deep emotion, and there were days when the psalm was just there and we simply encountered it without much response.

But whatever resulted, we just kept doing it. And gradually we realized that singing the Psalms was cultivating perspective in us, helping us to see new things throughout the entire Bible, and connecting us with the vast array of saints in the Lord who had sung these same songs throughout all of Christian history.

We realized that tracks were being laid for how to process life in all of its myriad complexities. And we realized that we were encountering God’s Word in a way that went deep to the core of our lives, our thinking, our heart and our soul. No other spiritual practice has impacted us in the same way, and four years later we are still singing a Psalm every day, and discovering new depths of relationship with our covenant God as we do.

As Lent approaches, we would like to propose a 40-day challenge: sing a Psalm each day for the season of Lent! We have arranged a selection of psalms specifically for this holy season of the church year that will facilitate contemplation of Christ and His passion. Beginning with Ash Wednesday, the seven penitential psalms will fall on each Wednesday throughout the season of Lent. And on Palm Sunday, the final week of Jesus’ life will be traced with psalms which specifically point to the events we remember during that Holy Week.

Take the challenge – enter a journey with God’s Word through singing the songs which He gave us to sing! After Lent you may decide to keep singing through the whole year. If so, Seedbed has a daily guide for all 150 Psalms. Come, let’s start singing!

Visit our Psalter resource and begin your journey of singing through the Psalms.


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    1. Patricia,
      Lent began on Wednesday, February 18 this year. It ends on Thursday, April 2. It typically counts back 40 days from Holy Thursday (before Good Friday).

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