The Saturday Post on Keeping it Real


One of the things I appreciate about the biblical Psalmist is the way he doesn’t sugar coat his real condition.

Most people we approach these days, upon being asked how they are doing, will respond, “fine.” Someone once told me that fine is an acronym for frustrated, insecure, nervous and exhausted. It seems that at least half the time the Psalmist says just that, “I’m frustrated, insecure, nervous and exhausted,” as a prayer, no a song, to God. Maybe that’s why on so many other occasions the Psalmist seems to dance with joy, thanksgiving and gratitude.

What if the joy I am able to experience is directly proportional to the amount of pain I am able to express.

What if I followed after the example of the Psalmist, not holding back in my prayers, in telling God the whole story even though he already knows. I think there’s something to that. Something about being “f.i.n.e.” isn’t fine is it?


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