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NOTE TO COMMUNITY: Each Sunday, The Daily Text hosts a guest writer. Some will be from the past, as found in today’s reading. Others will be contemporary voices to our own. It is a way for us to sit in the “great cloud of witnesses” each week and receive the rich nourishment of the wisdom of God from others.

1. “Lord, speak because Your servant listens.” (1 Samuel 3:10) “I am Your servant;
Give me grace to know what You say;
I want to know Your laws.” (Psalm 119:125)
Motivate me to hear well, so Your words will penetrate my heart;
As moisture in air distills to make dew,
So make Your speech distill its meaning in my heart.
A long time ago the children of Israel told Moses,
“You can talk to us and we will listen;
But we don’t want God to speak to us
because we might die!” (Exodus 20:19)
Lord, I won’t talk to You like that;
I will talk to You like Samuel, humbly and earnestly,
‘Speak Lord, Your servant hears.”
Don’t let Moses speak, nor the prophets;
I want You to speak, Lord God,
Inspirer and Enlightener of prophets,
for You alone, without these great people,
instruct perfectly;
But without You,
even the prophets would speak no helpful word.

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The text for today’s entry comes from The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis. This particular version is a paraphrase from our dear friend, the late Donald E. Demaray (Alba House, 1996).

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