The Supremacy of Christ Should Keep Us Going (Hebrews Bible Study)

The Supremacy of Christ Should Keep Us Going (Hebrews Bible Study)

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Around chapter 3 in the Letter to the Hebrews, the author begins what may be considered the formal argument that attempts to persuade and encourage the Christians to remain in their faith. Likely due to adversity, the audience appears to have some fears or doubts. So the author argues that the supremacy of Christ over everything in the old covenant should encourage them to persist. Since Jesus is the son of God, while Moses was a servant, he is worthy of more honor, and Jesus leads Christians to true rest in God. And since Jesus is like Moses, the author likens the church to Israel in the desert; it must persist and make it to the promised land, lest it die as the wandering generation did. This supremacy of Christ should compel the audience of Hebrews to seriously consider the gravity of falling away from the faith.

In this video segment, Dr. Ken Schenck covers Hebrews 3:4-6, 12-17, 19; 4:9-13

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