The Voice: Group Activity into Small Groups

The Voice: Group Activity into Small Groups

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Students often ask how to hear God’s voice yet miss that God’s Word is his voice to us.  For many, reading Scripture is just not a part of their daily routine because they feel they do not have time.  Give them the time to listen and respond to God’s voice through his word.


  • Create 5-10 pages of Scripture verses that focus on topics your students need to hear.  The 10 areas we are focused on were:  Hope, Identity, Forgiveness, Discernment, Peace, Protection, Trust, Salvation, Victory, Encouragement
  • Ask 5-10 leaders/volunteers to read through a page of Scriptures.  They will be reading continuously for 20 minutes or so slowly and with feeling as students listen to God’s voice through God’s word.
  • Journals, Bibles, drawing supplies


Tonight we are going to practice listening.  (Have leaders/volunteers set up around the outer walls of the room)  In a few moments, you are going to give God an opportunity to speak to you through his Word.  Your leaders all have Scripture on a specific promise of God.  I want you to walk around and listen to as many as you need to until you hear the verses that hit your heart.  By that I mean, there are going to be verses that speak to where you are right now and what truth God knows you need to hear tonight.  I completely trust that God will help you hear him.

After listening for a time, I want you to respond to what you feel God is saying to you.  Or, respond to the activity.  You may write, draw, create, pray – but you will have time to just think on what God has for you.

You will be excused to your groups after a while so don’t worry about time or others – just be quiet, listen, and let God speak. Close in prayer.

Group Listening Activity:

20 minutes to listen to God’s Word and 20 to respond (10 min of overlap is fine)  Time is flexible depending on student response time.  Quiet is good, God’s Word doesn’t need any competition for sound.

Listening – students will move around the room listening to different readers.  They may pause at one, sit and listen at another as they hear God’s word surrounding them.

Response – after 10 minutes or so students can begin to respond if they are ready by journaling, prayer, art, or clay.  Give plenty of time as the readers continue and students create from what they have heard.

After response time, move into small groups taking their response element with them.

Group discussion:

Have each student share one of the following:

  • What promise or truth found its way into your heart – explain why?
  • Share their response element – art or journals or however they chose to respond
  • What did you feel was most relevant to you tonight?

This will probably take the rest of the time depending on how small you go in groups.

For further discussion if needed:

  • Is there a topic that you didn’t hear tonight that you would like to know more about? (spiritual warfare, why does God let bad things happen, etc)
  • Get reactions to the activity.


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