The Weekly Breather: The Last Supper

The Weekly Breather: The Last Supper

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For centuries, stained glass windows were used to tell Bible stories to the many people who were unable to read or write. But, over time, many of these stained glass treasures were unable to endure the disasters of life. In 1993, artist Jacques Le Breton, from the glass studios of Jean Gaudin, decided it was time to replace what had long been destroyed. He completed a series of stained glass windows based on the Gospel stories. With Easter just around the corner, it is the perfect time to reflect on his work depicting Christ addressing the disciples at the Last Supper.

Take a moment to pause and relax. Hand the cares of your world to the Father so He can speak to you through this contemplative time. As you study the image of the stained glass, sit and feast with the disciples.


Where am I seated at the table?
Am I the person directly next to Jesus?
Why did I choose this seat?
Might I think I was the one to betray Jesus?
How might I react to what Jesus says to Judas?
What might I think and feel as Jesus reveals that he is “to go”?
Matthew records that after the meal, the disciples sang a hymn. What hymn might spring up in your soul at this point?
Afterward, they all went to the Mount of Olives. Close your eyes and take that walk with them. Did they walk in silence? If you could overhear conversations, what could they be discussing?


Walk up the path and stroll with Jesus. Talk to him about this experience and how it affects you and your life.

Image source: Vanderbilt Digital Library



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