Threshing Floor Podcast 017: Call and Vocation

Threshing Floor Podcast 017: Call and Vocation

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In the 17th episode of The Threshing Floor, Drew, Joshua and Chad talk about call. What does it mean to live out a called life, and what exactly is the called life? Does it belong to everyone or just those in ministry?

We also share about Joshua’s visit with Chad, finding Phil Robertson’s house in Louisiana, and the music we are listening too. We also give Joshua grief for his enjoyment of the early 80’s synth-based Willie Nelson.

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2 Responses

  1. Ì enjoy all your teaching : yes l believe that they are different GOD called and not every body were called
    Your visit to your friends was a game changer , in that after eating fish that did not made you people forget your mission but remember that you are the sheep of God, giving everything about your life and follow JESUS .

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