Threshing Floor Podcast 049: Howard Snyder on Creation Care

Threshing Floor Podcast 049: Howard Snyder on Creation Care

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In this episode of the Threshing Floor we go back in time to New Room 2015. Chad and Joshua sit down with the infamous Dr. Howard Snyder. We have a fabulous conversation about creation care, incarnational theology and the power of realizing the presence of Christ. We get into eschatology (one of the TTF’s favorite topics).

We also take some time to talk about tambourines in worship and what you can look forward to for our 50th episode.

Salvation Means Creation Healed
The Community of the Kingdom

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  1. My problem with this was it took you forever to get to the actual subjects you advertised. Everything before it was inconsequential and basically annoying. I doubt I’ll listen again. congrats.

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