Threshing Floor Podcast 066: Coveralls, Homemade Mustard Gas and Clergy Self-care


In yet another rousing episode of the Threshing Floor your hosts have a conversation about what it means to practice good self-care in ministry. We also have an extended conversation about what it means to grow old and homemade hair remedies.

Our conversation includes (but is not limited to):

  • Willie Nelson’s birthday cake
  • Getting old
  • Make Joshua’s hair great again
  • Redneck mustard gas
  • Going grey
  • Oversize coveralls
  • Kingdom Week at Asbury
  • If you don’t order your time…someone else will
  • Vocational ministry expectations
  • Learning to say no
  • The things that burn you out are usually not central to your own call and Passion
  • Everyone has chores
  • Chores vs. Passions
  • Learning to Develop Leaders

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