Threshing Floor Podcast 068: Tomatoes, Hot Summer, and Michael Frost


In this episode, Drew sits down with his D.Min cohort leader, Michael Frost, and has a conversation about missional leadership. They dig deep into the power of stories and the realm of mission.

Other conversations include; 

  • No Chad due to Foundry’s VBS
  • Productivity and Sermon Prep
  • The Weirdest Sermons that We’ve Ever Experienced
  • Bible Math and the Omega Code
  • Josh’s Summer in Atlanta
  • New Room and the TTF House Party (?)
  • New Room Give Away Details
  • Drew and Josh on Gardening
  • Drew in School and our intro of Michael Frost
  • Michael Frost Interview
  • Frost: How He got into the missional conversation
  • Frost: What does Missional even mean?
  • Frost: What he’s writing about these days
  • Drew and his love of Australians
  • Mission leads to good stories
  • Do we know our neighbors? The Tic-Tac-Toe Challenge
  • Being on mission where you live
  • What is the relationship between worship and mission?
  • Josh and Drew share albums they have been listening to lately.
  • Peace Out

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