Threshing Floor Podcast 082: Dr. David Fitch, Sacramental Presence, and Youth Group Ski Trips

Threshing Floor Podcast 082: Dr. David Fitch, Sacramental Presence, and Youth Group Ski Trips

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It’s Lent. And we just finished Mardi Gras. On this episode, Chad and Drew have a conversation about getting ready for Lent and traditions before Ash Wednesday. We also have a conversation with Dr. David Fitch from Northern Seminary in Chicago.

Our conversations include:

  • Joshua is skiing.
  • Youth group ski trips.
  • Movie censorship.
  • Mardi Gras.
  • Shrove Tuesday.
  • King Cake.
  • Fat Tuesday and the Filthy Fifty.
  • Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday is the liturgical version of the classic Beatles or Stones question.
  • David Fitch.
  • Theology of Sacramental Presence.
  • How the presence of Christ manifests in places.
  • How are sacraments turned outward.
  • A little fasting goes a long way.
  • The whole church needs more Lent.
  • You will not have a you that is a me without the us.
  • How have you become reconciled back to Christ for the purpose of this world?
  • Living as reconcilers.
  • We pray to “our” Father, not “my” Father.
  • Different versions of the “presence” of Christ as subjective, experimental or a social reality.
  • Sin in the camp effects the camp (exodus).
  • Peacemaking and reconciling.
  • Do we believe in reconciliation or do we do reconciliation?
  • What does Lent look like for the sake of other people?
  • Lent and communal sins.
  • Church Calendar (as Christendom).
  • Communal Penitence.
  • Lent as a prophetic presence.
  • It can’t just be purple stuff.
  • Post-modern reality is a reality of community.
  • Lent as the presence of Christ.
  • Christ is a social constructor NOT a social construct.
  • David Fitch and his Facebook skills.

Find and interact with David Fitch @fitchest and MissioAlliance


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