Threshing Floor Podcast 083: Adam Weber on Prayer

Threshing Floor Podcast 083: Adam Weber on Prayer

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Chad sits down with Adam Weber, lead pastor of Embrace Church, and has a conversation about prayer and his new book Talking with God. Chad and Joshua talk about prayer and how big of fans we are of Adam.

Our conversations include:

  • RIP Bill Paxton.
  • The Summer will have her fury.
  • Hatfield and McCoy’s
  • Sturgill Simpson and his grammy.
  • The roots of Bro Country.
  • Roadies.
  • The Allman Brothers.
  • Conversation with Adam.
  • How we all love Matt LeRoy.
  • Shift in prayer life.
  • It’s isn’t a last resort.
  • It shifts into the first thing.
  • Prayer is the only option.
  • your to-do list is secondary to staying with the Lord.
  • Spend time on your knees. Literally.
  • Make prayer the foundation of your life.
  • We don’t need to #hustle so much.
  • Sabbath. We aren’t robots or machines.
  • Corporate Prayer.
  • A staff value. 1st place is on our knees.
  • Partnership Class. 1st ask is prayer.
  • Prayer after services.
  • Write/type while praying.
  • Marca Dawn on Prayer.
  • Our prayer life is like a phone call with loving parents.
  • Shame and prayer. And why we need to drop it.
  • Parent shaming.
  • How you view God will determine how you pray.
  • Chore or a relationship.
  • Leadership and corporate prayer.
  • Prayer is a deliberate and public activity.



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