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Psalm 77:16-20 NLT

When the Red Sea saw you, O God,
its waters looked and trembled!

The sea quaked to its very depths.

The clouds poured down their rain;
the thunder rolled and crackled in the sky.

Your arrows of lightning flashed.

Your thunder roared from the whirlwind;
the lightning lit up the world!

The earth trembled and shook.

Your road led through the sea,
your pathway through the mighty waters—
a pathway no one knew was there!

You led your people along that road like a flock of sheep,
with Moses and Aaron as their shepherds.

Matthew 14:22-36 NLT

Immediately after this, Jesus made his disciples get back into the boat and cross to the other side of the lake while he sent the people home. Afterward he went up into the hills by himself to pray. Night fell while he was there alone. Meanwhile, the disciples were in trouble far away from land, for a strong wind had risen, and they were fighting heavy waves.

About three o’clock in the morning Jesus came to them, walking on the water. When the disciples saw him, they screamed in terror, thinking he was a ghost. But Jesus spoke to them at once. “It’s all right,” he said. “I am here! Don’t be afraid.”

Then Peter called to him, “Lord, if it’s really you, tell me to come to you by walking on water.”

“All right, come,” Jesus said.

So Peter went over the side of the boat and walked on the water toward Jesus. But when he looked around at the high waves, he was terrified and began to sink. “Save me, Lord!” he shouted.

Instantly Jesus reached out his hand and grabbed him. “You don’t have much faith,” Jesus said. “Why did you doubt me?” And when they climbed back into the boat, the wind stopped.

Then the disciples worshiped him. “You really are the Son of God!” they exclaimed.

After they had crossed the lake, they landed at Gennesaret. The news of their arrival spread quickly throughout the whole surrounding area, and soon people were bringing all their sick to be healed. The sick begged him to let them touch even the fringe of his robe, and all who touched it were healed.


Here was goodness that was not meticulous, but merciful, not standing on pedestals to be worshiped, but bending in lowly service over the lost. Here was goodness not pharisaical, but friendly, not terrible, but tender. And yet in that very tenderness and friendliness there was a regal something that made men’s consciences flutter and tremble like an aspen leaf. Children sat upon his knees, and yet strong, hard Fisherman Peter, stricken in conscience at the moment of greatest fishing prosperity, found his knees giving way under him and crying in spite of himself, ‘Depart from me; for I am a sinful man, O Lord.’ Never did majesty and meekness so blend and become so beautiful.

E. Stanley Jones, The Christ of Every Road .

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