Top 15 Posts of 2015

Top 15 Posts of 2015

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As we wrap up the year, we hope you will enjoy looking back at the Top 15 Posts on the Soul Care Collective in 2015! Here’s our list of the most awesome, most impactful, most clicked posts of the year! Enjoy!

15) The Thin Place at the Cliffs of Moher

“Thin places” are what the Celtic monks call places where the dividing line between the natural world and the supernatural realm of God’s Spirit are so thin there is hardly any distinction. They are the holy places where God and man meet. Like Moses and the burning bush, Elijah and the still small voice, Andrew Eberhart tells of the thin places he experienced while in Ireland for a Spiritual Formation class.

14) 4 Reasons You Need Boundaries in Your Friendships

In the day of social media, all it takes to make a “friend” is the click of a button. But, what does it mean to have a true friendship that is healthy, strong, and makes space for the other to walk through life with you? Boundaries can facilitate that kind of relationship. Ellen Martin shares four reasons why boundaries are vitally important to building and sustaining healthy friendships.

13) Why Faith-Filled Depression is Better Than Pseudo-Holy Hope

What does a person really need when they are walking through a dark time? Duke Walker shares wisdom that faith-filled depression is better than pseudo-holy hope. Christian faith in the midst of depression is a faith that is grounded in the unchanging nature of God. This is the faith that walks through the valley with the knowledge that God goes with us. To hope for anything else is idolatry and contributes to the depth of despair rather than lifting one out of it.

12) Discipline and the Dignity of Children

Many classrooms use clip systems to provide a disciplinary structure for children. But, what is it doing to the students’ emotional and mental health? Kathy Milans shares about the destructive tendency of shaming to the dignity of our children.

11) The Struggle is Real: 5 Things I’ve Learned Through Trials

The struggle is real! We all go through trials. Some seem to have more than others sometimes, but we all have the opportunity to choose whether we will be formed or deformed by our most difficult experiences in life. Our friend, Andrew Eberhart, shares some of the most harrowing trials he has experienced and five key things he has learned through it all.

10) 6 Truths about Being in the Present Moment

I pray that these six simple truths will draw you to engage with the Jesus who is always there just awaiting an opportunity for you to open your hands to the gifts He has for you.

9) Physical Health is Discipleship

What can we learn by physical health and exercise? Randy Hardman shares his thoughts on loving God with all our strength, and how that translated into wholeness for him.

8) Walking out of the Shadow of Shame

Most of us deal with shame of some kind. Aaron Reynolds boldly and courageously has walked out from under the shame he has lived with, and he challenges you to walk into the light with him.

7) Chutes and Ladders: When Bad Things Happen to Good People

What about when I am a good person, do all the right things, serve God with all my heart…and things don’t turn out the way they are supposed to turn out? Ben Arnold shares what he learned about bad things happening to good people from a game of chutes and ladders.

6) This Post Won’t Keep You Sober!

No, this post can’t keep you sober through the holidays, but these 8 tips just might help you along the way. Michelle Manuel offers timely advice for surviving the holidays with your sobriety intact. It can be incredibly hard, but it is well worth it!

5) Anxious for Nothing: My Journey Through Anxiety

Today’s Soul Care post is a grace-filled story of hope from Ellen Martin. Read as she shares her struggle with anxiety and the triumphant victory of Christ over a longing, trembling heart.

4) In Praise of Older Women

With age comes wisdom, and older women have so much to offer the world. Marilyn Elliott talks about how their voices are so needed in the world and that their stories are not only a blessing to others, but the telling can also become healing in their own lives.

3) 6 Healthy Boundaries for Parents and Kids

“I once had an ‘out of control’ teen brought to my counseling office by a Christian family. My first question to the parents was, ‘Tell me the rules you have for your son in your home.’ The parents looked like two deer mesmerized by car headlights. I knew that my work needn’t be with the child in this family. My work was to teach the parents how to set healthy boundaries for their son.” Are you seeking a healthier and more peaceful relationship with your children? Kathy Milans shares wisdom about the value of setting healthy boundaries.

2) Depression: The View from Inside Despair

What is it like being inside the storm of depression? 15-year-old Megan Mulder shares the view from inside the cloud of despair in this courageous article about adolescent depression.

1) Bad Things to Say to a Domestic Violence Survivor

Domestic violence is a widespread problem, but it can be shocking to encounter a situation in which a victim comes to you for help. Unfortunately, unhelpful and even damaging responses are far too common. This post details some of the most common hurtful things people say to domestic violence survivors and some advice on things that actually are helpful.

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