Leading Online Resources on Women in Ministry

Leading Online Resources on Women in Ministry

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Biblical Basis for Women’s Service in the Church by N.T. Wright

In this 12-minute video, Wright covers a breadth of issues relating to women in ministry and bases his position on a robust theology of creation and redemption.

“The Basis in the Early Church” by Nate Feldmeth

In this article and accompanying video, Nate Feldmeth shows that the book of Acts is full of examples of women in leadership and shows how the changes in interpretation on this issue was due in large part to the cultural assumptions of those in leadership. There are also articles titled, “The Basis of Creation,” “The Basis in Jesus’s Ministry,” “The Basis in Paul,” “1 Corinthians 14:34-35,” “1 Timothy 2:8-15,” and  “Consistency and Balance” coming out of Fuller Theological Seminary’s website.

Junia Is Not Alone by Scot McKnight

Junia Is Not Alone is a kindle book that runs just $2.99. Written by New Testament scholar Scot McKnight, it is about the Junia of Romans 16:7, whom Paul says is “of note among the Apostles” (KJV). That there was a female apostle should effectively resolve the debate. McKnight explores other women leaders in Scripture and throughout church history that have been ignored.

The Assemblies of God Resource Page

Find a handful of helpful links to resources on this issue from a denomination which affirms the ordination of women in ministry especially based on gifts and calling and the confirming element of experience.

Seedbed Resources

“Was Paul For or Against Women in Ministry?” by Craig Keener

In an article that is very readable, Keener explains where Scripture affirms women in ministry and where it seems to restrict their role, taking the time to explain why it might have been so. He also touches on the some of the controversial issues like head coverings, admonitions to silence, and learning in “quietness and submission.” It also has a good bibliography for further study.

Resource Post: Women in Ministry

See this earlier resource on Seedbed by David Lyell which includes some substantial references libraries on women in ministry.

Seven Minute Seminary

Ben Witherington tackles this issue in two videos as part of our Seven Minute Seminary series. He uses important historical background to help explain the meaning of texts in a way that avoids the contradictions that ensue when using Scripture to limit women’s roles in ministry. He makes the case that we should be looking for trajectories of change and difference in contrast to conventional cultural values (Part 1, Part 2).

“Slaves, Women and Homosexuals” by Timothy Tennent

In this article, Dr. Timothy Tennent offers a helpful explanation why affirming women in ministry does not mean that one must in turn accept homosexual behavior.

“Is Christianity Masculine?” by Matt O’Reilly

Matt O’Reilly offers a biblical perspective on how gender is sometimes used to mis-characterize Christianity. He appeals to the Gospel narratives, the challenge Christianity posed to Greco-Roman values, and shows that “masculine” Christianity shares a close affinity with gnostic heresy.

What resources have you found most helpful on this topic?


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