Tusker Monster Game

tusker monster youth group game

[tweetthis]Tusker Monster is a high energy tag game that involves a bit of teamwork and strategy![/tweetthis]

It’s time to transform your students into an ever-growing elephant on a rampage! This is a high energy tag game that involves a bit of teamwork and strategy.  It can be played with any size group over 10 folks in an open space that gives students space to move around.

The only equipment you need is a pool noodle cut in half to form a pair of “tusks.”

The “Monster” starts with a tusk in each hand and the rest of the participants are spread throughout the playing area.  At the start of the game, the monster chases after others and tries to tag others with the tusks, we usually limit it to below the waist.  Once someone is tagged, they become part of the monster, by joining hands with the monster and taking a tusk in their outside hand.  Once joined together by hands, the larger monster can begin pursuing others, and each time someone is tagged, they add to the monster.  Participants who are not tagged can not go under, through, or over the monster and the monster must be completely connect, all hands held, in order to tag someone.

Some processing & follow-up questions:

  • What were some of the challenges of being part of the monster?
  • How did you avoid being tagged by the monster?
  • Describe how the size of the monster affected how you participated?
  • How do the size of the problems we face in life affect how we address them?


  • Pool noodle, cut in half
  • Open space appropriate to the size group to allow students to run

Eddie grew up in Houston,Texas, graduated from the University of Oklahoma, and has his Certification in Youth Ministry through Perkins. He has been involved in student ministries for over 20 years, serving at Lakewood United Methodist Church in Houston, since 2004, currently as Director of Student Ministries. Eddie and his wife Emily met at the OU Wesley Foundation and have been blessed with 3 beautiful children. You can follow Eddie on Twitter: @ELE_IV