Tweeting the Scriptures

Tweeting the Scriptures

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Tweeting the scriptures

Ok, Moses didn’t tweet, but what if he did?  This activity helps empower students to use twitter to climb into and explore the Scriptures.

Here is how it works:

  1. Break your students into groups of about 5.
  2. Assign each group a passage of story from the Bible.  You can use stories from the Old Testament or the New Testament.  For longer stories, like the story of Noah or the Birth of Jesus you can break it up into small segments or you can give them to entire stories to use. (For this example I will use the Wisemen visiting the Jesus found in Matthew 2: 1- 12)
  3. After the group has read the passage assigned, have them decide from whose perspective they will Tweet.  This could be someone listed in the passage, or it could be someone who might have been an observer. (In my example, our students decided to Tweet as the Wisemen.  But, you could have Tweeted from Mary or Joseph).
  4. Now have them come up with a Twitter name.  (My students came up with @wizem3n)
  5. They are now ready to Tweet from the perspective they have chosen above.

Twitter 3 WisemenTwitter JesusTwitter Martha






I discovered in doing this that students often use words they would use, and that means sometimes they skirt the line between appropriate and inappropriate.  But I have found that risk to be worth it because this is an exercise that helps youth better understand scripture as they put it into their own words, as well as helping them to interpret was is being said.

Here are some other examples of Tweets my students came  up with:

From the perspective of Jesus during his Triumphant entry in Jerusalem in Matthew 21: 1 – 11

From the perspective of Martha when Jesus visited the home of Mary and Martha, found in Luke 10: 38 – 42



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