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This is a game that my students beg to play all the time but I usually limit it to its own event. For this game you will need a big space with a lot of rooms to be able to hide in and it is best to play with the lights out. When I play this game with my youth group, I use pretty much the entire church. Think of it as a bit of a cross between German Spotlight and Capture the Flag.

Items needed:

  • A playing card for every person participating in the game
  • 2 of those playing cards need to be black face cards and 1 needs to be a red face card (Remove the rest of the face cards)

How to Play:

Pass out a playing card to each person playing the game, they should not show it to anyone else. If they get a black face card, then they are a roman (or a jailer). If they get the red card then they are the “head Christian”.  If they get one of the other playing cards, then they are a Christian.


Jailer: is to get all of the Christians in Jail, including the Head christian to jail. If they do this then they win.
Head Christian: Get all of the Christians to the secret church without the Jailer finding them. If they do this then the Christians win. The Head Christian picks where the church will be and can change it if he thinks the jailer knows where it is.
Christian: Get to the secret church without being caught by the jailer.

Once a Christian is caught and put in jail, they must stay in jail until another christian comes and jailbreaks.

You can use this game to talk about how Christians are persecuted and how the early christians had to keep the church hidden in order not to get caught.


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