Welcome to the Seedbed Daily Text: The New Second Breakfast

Welcome to the Seedbed Daily Text: The New Second Breakfast

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The Wake-Up Call is a daily encouragement to shake off the slumber of our busy lives and turn our eyes toward Jesus.

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Good News for Second Breakfast Readers!

We are going to the next level with this ministry. First, in the tradition of the Moravians, we are going with a new name, “The Seedbed Daily Text.”

Second, we are moving toward a dedicated site, a special purpose feed. This will cut down on so many posts in the main seedbed feed. It will also enable you to subscribe specifically to the Seedbed Daily Text Feed.

Third, we are enriching the daily post. From now on, you will see a scripture text, a reading from an exemplary Christ follower from history and at times an exercise. This will be a feast.

Finally, to access the Seedbed Daily Text, click here.

Note—we are having some trouble with the mobile version of the site. It still works fine but has some old material there we will have removed soon. If you enter the site through a mobile device it will automatically go there.

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