Thoughts on Wesleyan Leadership

Credit: Vimvertigo / Thinkstock

The following are quotes, used by permission, and are from a newly released book on Wesleyan leadership entitled Leadership the Wesleyan Way. This vital resource will help you understand both the theoretical and practical sides of church leadership in the Wesleyan tradition.

“The dance of leadership and followership is not limited to relational dynamics and personalities. It is cultural, economic, philosophical, and even spiritual. When various factors combine and the context is right for a kind of leadership, then followers give permission and affirmation in an expression of community, productivity, and purpose. Every generation provides such a context. I am convinced that the 21st century is a century primed for Wesleyan leadership.”  -Aaron Perry

“No faithful Christian leadership is possible apart from a lively and ongoing experience of God’s presence in our lives. It is from this communion with God’s Spirit that our spirits find direction, purpose, power, and resilience. In his sermon ‘The Circumcision of the Heart,’ John Wesley admonished to ‘have no end, no ultimate end, but God.’ Leadership disconnected from God leaves leaders adrift.” -Lovett Weems