What Is an Awakening? 20 Points to Remember

What Is an Awakening? 20 Points to Remember

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What is an awakening? An awakening is…

1. Supernatural, humanly unexplainable, and beyond our ingenuity or ideas.

2. Sown, harvested, preserved, and multiplied in travailing prayer.

3. A movement of the Holy Spirit, and utterly the grace of God.

4. Often related to the rediscovery and re-appropriation of the New Testament church.

5. Embedded in the life of the church germinally.

6. The honest and well-understood need of the day.

7. Apparently unlikely and against all odds.

8. Preceded by human desperation.

9. An integration of proclamation and demonstration.

10. Unapologetic and uncompromising in its character.

11. Controversial and often leading to persecution of those involved.

12. Passionate for evangelism while fruitful and enduring in wholeness and holy living.

13. High and low church, both sacramental and spontaneous.

14. Secondarily but not necessarily innovative—the church adapts to the move of God.

15. Nourished in small settings such as bands, prayer societies, cell groups, or Sunday School.

16. Advanced primarily by laity and clergy who are open to the Spirit of God.

17. Supported closely, but not quite symbiotically, with resources.

18. Lovingly transformative of people and culture.

19. The golden thread of church history.

20. Emergent out of a very few who experience it first and then long for it communally.

If you’d like to learn more about Methodism’s history as an awakening movement, David Thomas has written a short essay which Seedbed has turned into a short, inspiring tract. It is a call to wake up to the riches of new life in God as we discover within our Methodist heritage an enlivening model for a deep movement fueled by prayer. Get your copy from our store here.


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