What We See Depends on Where We Look

What We See Depends on Where We Look

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I was driving to work this week and saw in the morning sky glow the criss-crossed streaking residue of at least eight, probably more, military jets. Far below in the common field to my left is a slow herd of fat black cows and numerous calves, heads down, moving slowly if at all. One gassy cow lifts her tail and moo-es out with steamy breath.

Around the corner a stream of cars careen toward me and I startle to regain my focus and maneuver the corners. People racing toward me seem fixated on the road, some on their phones, some with food hand to mouth, chewing madly.

It strikes me as I drive that what we see simply depends on where we look. A lot of life is missed only because we don’t glance to the left or the right. Or up. I think this has something to say to our inner lives as well. Our inner lives are a potentially rich environment, but one that can be utter missed.

When did you last practice an end-of-the-day prayer of examine? Such a prayer is simply a review of the day in the presence of a loving God, looking for hints of love, praying through the impact of unexpected events, gathering up gifts and remembering snatches of conversation. Even one day alone is a treasure of grace. If you practice this regularly it becomes an embarrassment of riches.

Or when was the last time you simply sat still and considered gratefully all that is happening in or around you? The last time you sat and deeply contemplated a face you love, or even a tea cup or book you treasure because of some other’s hands that once touched it.

When life loses a sense of richness, don’t go shopping. Travel slower and find out what you are missing.


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