Why the Public Reading of Scripture Matters

Why the Public Reading of Scripture Matters

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Why does the public reading of Scripture matter? Should it still be included in worship services? In today’s video, Christine Parton Burkett shares how and why reading Scripture helps to form us into the people of God, and why the reading of Scripture should be done with care and excellence.

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2 Responses

  1. Were I to ever pastor a church again, all 4 lectionary Scripture
    passages would be read each Sunday. There are probably UM churches that
    do this, but I’ve never seen one. It is to our detriment. Usually it is
    one Scripture reading before the sermon. Neglect of the Scriptures to
    fit in all the music, special music, fellowship time, announcements,
    special announcements, etc etc ad nauseum is not just an issue of style,
    it is a matter of content. There is life, guidance and power in the
    preaching, teaching, and the public reading of the word of God.

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