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Before You Go: A Pre-Exit Strategy for Youth Ministry

There is a high turnover rate in youth ministry, which means at the very least we need a better exit strategy for youth ministry. Izzie Zimmerman shares wisdom on how to enter and exit a ministry position well, as well as how to leave helpful information and organization for the next person coming in.

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When I Fight Authority

Authority cannot be earned. The more a person tries to earn authority the more they prove they do not possess it. In fact, authority is not something you possess. Authority is who you become, and the only way there is the path of authenticity. Here’s where I will get controversial. The only way to true authenticity is through the only truly authentic One– Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah.

From: J. D. Walt

The Worst Youth Ministry Ideas Ever

Over the years I have been in many brainstorming sessions and spent many late nights sharing horror stories with youth pastors. These are the ones that take the cake. Of course, names have been redacted to protect the innocent-ish.

From: Youth Ministry Collective

Retirement and the Theology of Tea

Today, the Soul Care Collective presents our weekly Aging and Spirituality video, featuring Dr. Don Demaray's thoughts on retirement and the theology of tea.

From: Soul Care Collective

Missional Evangelism

What it means to live missionally is to have authentic friendship with people in these networks. If Jesus is truly important to you, and if you have real friendships with people, then Jesus is going to come up sooner or later in the natural course of sharing life.

From: Wesleyan Accent

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