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" Why the Gospel must be larger than “Jesus Saves”"

The Gospel is offensive. The Gospel offers very good news to those who believe and follow in The Way, but it portends doom for those who fight against it.

From: J. D. Walt

"8 Must-Haves of Youth Ministry"

Underneath all the stuff, there are some basic fundamentals that all youth ministries must have. We get busy and focused on what we think we need to succeed and forget the basics. How are you doing with these musts of youth ministry? What are you missing and what would you add?

From: Youth Ministry Collective

"What They’re Not Telling You About Alcohol and the Bible (3)"

Most of us read the Bible simply assuming it’s world is our world, it’s values are accessible to us simply because we know about the same things in our world. Tragically, we fail to sense the water we swim in, and the water in which the biblical writers swam, and the fact that they are different waters.

From: Lawson Stone

"Harley Scalf ~ The Power of Five"

Without having realized it, I had become the church in Ephesus. I had become so busy working on planting a church that I had been neglecting my first love. I had not been working on my own personal relationship with Jesus. That’s the reason I am planting the church in the first place. I want people to know and fall in love with the Jesus I know and love. Yet, somehow, in the midst of everything, church work had taken over spiritual work…and make no mistake, the two are not the same.

From: Wesleyan Accent

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