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What Are the Ten Commandments?

What are the ten commandments? In today's article, Timothy Tennent explains how the ten commandments are not simply a set of negative commands, they are a wonderful way for someone to understand the heart of the Law.

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The Powerful Principle of Displacement.

This is not a fair fight. These are not well matched opponents. Light need only show up– darkness disappears. God need only come on the scene–Satan flees. In the same way light displaces darkness and God displaces Satan, love displaces sin.

From: J. D. Walt

Choosing the Wilderness

"The good news is that beneath this wilderness is the creative Spirit of God beckoning us toward transformation." Kathy Milans encourages us to stay the course and walk through the wilderness with Christ, trading the discomfort for transformation.

From: Soul Care Collective

Mission Trip Preparation

If you have taken a mission trip with students, you inevitably have encountered a student or two who was on the trip FOR THE WRONG REASON! Whether he was following a girl or she was fulfilling her service hours requirement, there are students who go on trips for reasons other than serving the Lord and His people. What do you do with these students?

From: Youth Ministry Collective

Rewriting the Story

So, why do we make this annual trek to mark Jeremy's birth, death, Christmas, Easter and other special occasions? I guess somehow in the ritual of the rhythm of returning to the grave we find comfort as we remember. We seek closure. We find consistency. We seek to make sense out of a situation that otherwise makes little to no sense.

From: Wesleyan Accent

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