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"Google Earth and the Will of God"

In the midst of the hardships and trouble and chaos of life, it’s easy to start thinking we’ve stepped outside of the will of God. We’ve done something to merit the problems before us. On the other hand it’s easy to push the button and just claim the random-ness and meaninglessness of it all. The way of the Cross calls us to interpret our difficulties and sufferings as perhaps one of the most confirming signs we are in the center of God’s will. Most of the time it takes regularly “Zooming Out,” to see it.

From: J. D. Walt

"Packing Lists That Matter: 3 Quick and Easy Steps"

Every year when it comes time for a retreat or camp, you change the date on last year’s packing list, post the new PDF online, and pass it out at the parent meeting before the trip. It has to be the least thought-about aspect of youth ministry and the one with the biggest potential to make an impact in your community with almost no work on your part.

From: Youth Ministry Collective

"The “Moon Shot” Calling of the Wesleyan Movement in the 21st Century"

As Wesleyans we must remember that our goal is nothing less than the renewal and growth of a global Wesleyan movement, resulting in a sustained Great Awakening, stimulating dozens of new Christian movements in the 21st century and beyond. That’s what we are aiming for. That is what Asbury Theological Seminary is committed to. I believe that Asbury is uniquely positioned with the people, the resources, and the national and global footprint to foster such a grand vision.

From: Timothy Tennent

"Let Us Join Our Friends Above: Reclaiming a Robust Vision of the Communion of Saints in Worship"

As a Christian, my hope is anchored in the sure and certain return of Christ, the final resurrection, and a God who is making all things new. And, while these truths have sustained me in my moments of deepest despair, I often wonder if my evangelical upbringing would have benefited from a more robust appreciation for the Communion of Saints as I wrestled in thinking about time, separation from those departed, and the hope that is ours in Christ.

From: Wesleyan Accent

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