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A Theology of Productivity

Chad Brooks, host of the Productive Pastor podcast, challenges us to move past our culture's values of production of consumption and into a theology of productivity that establishes us within God's call for our lives and allows for a holistic observance of the Sabbath.

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"Why You Should Send Your Resume to the Holy Spirit"

The best thing we can do is to put our resume on the altar as an irrevocable offering to Jesus and then go on about our business. It’s a kind of Holy Spirit networked “LinkedIn” for the Kingdom of God. You will be surprised at how and when he brings it to bear for the greater good. Much of the time you will have no idea its happening until later.

From: J. D. Walt

"WITH – Small Group Guide 1"

Today, we continue with week 1 of the WITH small group series based on Skye Jethani's book. Week 1 focuses on the question: How Do You Relate to God? The goal is this: To help the students where they fall in the postures of relating to God, in hopes that they might understand what it means to live life with God.

From: Youth Ministry Collective

"Alice Was Right. Thoughts On Orthodoxy, Heterodoxy and Homodoxy"

Alice was right. Words can’t just mean what we want them to mean. The church can’t just be re-cast into our modern vision of it. There is a great narrative to which we have all been summoned. It is not centered on this faction or that faction. It is centered on the person and work of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the basis for unity in the church. It is centered on the unfolding redemptive plan of the Triune God.

From: Timothy Tennent

"A Word That Is Heard for Healing"

From a subtle, deliberate beginning to a powerful, moving conclusion, JB Jackson’s sermon on Naaman and the servant girl finds its mark in the hearts of listeners. Watch JB's sermon here.

From: Wesleyan Accent

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Youth Ministry Collective

We're excited to announce our Youth Ministry Collective — a place for Wesleyan-minded youth pastors to join other leaders in conversations about how this looks in youth ministry.

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