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Pentecostals Don’t Have a Copyright on the Holy Spirit (Part I)

What is the solution for the decline of the United Methodist Church and much of mainline Protestantism? Peter Bellini explains the rich history of the charismatic in early Methodism and suggests that our cure might be a revived theology of the Holy Spirit and an understanding of spiritual power.

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The Reason Behind Most Discipleship Failures

Just a few verses back we saw Peter run for the hills with the rest of the disciples. Apparently, somewhere between fourth and fifth gear, he remembered the loyalty pledge he made to Jesus a few short hours earlier.

From: J. D. Walt

Why We Need to Lie in Church

Are our worship songs like our Instagram filters, helping us express ourselves in a manner that is, well, better than we truly are? Are these songs that may be true of Charles Wesley or the Torwalts but are way beyond our level of spiritual maturity or commitment? Maybe. Probably.

From: Worship Design Collective

The Weekly Breather: Calming the Soul

The Holy Spirit continually invites us into mini-Sabbath experiences and offers us a rhythm of breathing and being that will not only reveal the longings of our hearts, but satisfy the deepest of them. This week's practical exercise is about Calming the Soul.

From: Soul Care Collective

Leading Change Through Preaching

While renewing our minds is essential to transformation, our preaching and teaching may not stop with conveying information. Inspiring action is a must. Here are five insights from effective change leadership that also apply to effective preaching.

From: Preaching Collective

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Each day offers a short Bible text and a small bit of what we call “devotional commentary,” both of which aim to keep our community on a common journey. Come here daily for readings that will stir you on to prayer and reflection.

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