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The Sixth Day Exercise for October 3, 2015

Last week we talked about three important elements for a life of prayer: Scripture, spontaneous prayer and set prayers. I promised you two set prayers that have shaped my life and faith for many years now. You may remember I only shared one of those prayers last week and indicated I would be sharing the second prayer this week.

From: J. D. Walt

The “Progressives” Are Desperate, the “Conservatives” Are Weary, but God Is Still Holy

The United Methodist Church is in the full throes of a crisis, with deep divisions over our response to homosexual practice and the ordination of self-avowed homosexuals. The latest attempt to resolve this crisis is a plan known as “a local option proposal compromise.”

From: Timothy Tennent

The Weekly Breather: at the Well with Jesus

Stop. Breathe. Be. The Weekly Breather is an invitation to take a moment to encounter God in silence and stillness in the midst of the chaos and rush of life. This week, we invite you to visit the place of isolation in your life and encounter the One Who knows you completely.

From: Soul Care Collective

You Are Called to Boldness: Nowhere to Hide

To walk with Jesus is to confound those who attempt to pigeonhole you. You can't be owned, you can't be bought, you can't be predicted, because you will give away anything that detracts you from Christ and you will take on anything that Christ asks you to.

From: Wesleyan Accent

Daily Text

Each day offers a short Bible text and a small bit of what we call “devotional commentary,” both of which aim to keep our community on a common journey. Come here daily for readings that will stir you on to prayer and reflection.

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