The Awakening Journey

You can see the horizon ahead, but the long road to getting there has tired you out. You crave deep wholeness in your life of faith, but the world we live in compels us to live on the surface of social media and skip past the pain. You’re looking for closeness with God, but have come to realize that religious institutions hold only part of the picture. You want deep, connected fellowship with others, but you’re not sure where to start.

We’re here to tell you that you are not alone.

You are on the journey, the journey to abundant life with Jesus, and we’d love to come alongside you on the way.



Join the daily
Wake-Up Call

As we come alongside you on your journey with Jesus, we’d like to walk with you on a path that leads to the awakening of your heart, your home, your church, and your city.

That journey starts with a Wake-Up Call, every day, to meet Jesus in his word and to start your day aware of the Holy Spirit’s presence and ready to head into the first hours of the day.

Wake-Up Call is a daily encouragement to shake off the slumber of our busy lives and turn our eyes toward Jesus. Each morning our community gathers around a Scripture, a reflection, a prayer, and a few short questions, inviting us to reorient our lives around the love of Jesus that transforms our hearts, homes, churches, and cities.

Subscribe to Wake-Up Call here, and voila! You’re on the journey.

Step 2 is right around the bend.



Take a step...

Try a Course
or Online Experience

Every few weeks our “What’s Next” email will come to you, highlighting opportunities to connect in fellowship with like-minded, like-hearted new friends on the journey with Jesus.

We are all about koinonia, the biblical word for fellowship. Every event we host, whether it be a live conference, an online short-course, or an on-demand resource—is designed to help you connect with others in a way that leads you out of any “stuckness” you may feel into a vibrant, living relationship with Jesus and others.

After you’ve subscribed to the Wake-Up Call, plan to join us for one of the upcoming events in the What’s Next email that comes your way. Every one is a meeting with Jesus—and they are all pretty special.

You can see upcoming courses and experiences here.

That’s the next step. Ready for Step 3?


Join Others...

Attend a
New Room Gathering​

You’re not alone on this journey with us. Each year, our New Room Conference (named after John Wesley’s gathering place in Bristol, England) is attended by thousands of others on the awakening journey.

It’s our “family reunion” so to speak, and Christians, pastors, and leaders come together for 3 days to worship, learn, laugh, eat, pray, and enjoy the Spirit’s deep work in each one of us.

Plan now to join us for our next New Room Conference here.

Now, you’re growing, connecting with others, and have probably joined or started a band (short for “banded-fellowship.”

Here comes the final step on the journey, that leads you right into the best part yet.



Help Others...

Join the
Seed Team

For the tens of thousands of us getting the daily Wake-Up Call, engaging with live and online events, and attending New Room, we all see ourselves as seed-sowers.

We are people who are sowing good seed for a great awakening in our day.

Many of us have not only found deep wholeness, encouragement, and spiritual life on the awakening journey—but we have also decided to help make a way for others to join in as well.

This group is called our Seed Team.

Our Seed Team is a group of faithful givers who help support every event we put on, every course we host, every book we produce, and every risk we take to see Jesus transform hearts, homes, churches, and cities across the land.

Seed Team members give of their time, encouragement, and resources to the Seedbed mission.

And… they get a little extra attention in our world—like special webinars, a big breakfast at New Room, surprises, and more.

Join the Seed Team.

Ready to Begin?

There’s so much we didn’t say here, but if you take those first 4 steps above, you’ll begin to see why tens of thousands call themselves part of our fellowship of awakened people.

Just sign up for the Wake-Up Call daily encouragement, and let’s get started!