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Does Science Conflict with Religion?

In this Seven Minute Seminary episode, Dr. Jerome Van Kuiken explains how scientists, including most of the fathers of modern science, were faithful Christians and theists working out of a rich biblical worldview.

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How to Have a Blessed Life

In this Seven Minute Seminary episode, Tara Beth Leach reminds us that “being blessed” is not about what we have or don’t have, but about who we are following.

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Who Are the Poor in Spirit?

n this Seven Minute Seminary, Tara Beth Leach explores the possibilities of what Jesus means in Matthew 5:3 and offers a compelling reason why the poor in Spirit are the ones whom God considers blessed.

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The Gospel for Younger People

In this Seven Minute Seminary video, Miriam Swanson of Fusion USA frames the good news around the particular desires, anxieties, and concerns around which young people orient themselves.

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What Is Spiritual Awakening?

In this Seven Minute Seminary episode, Dr. David Thomas speaks to the head and heart and offers a working definition of what it means to experience spiritual awakening, both at the individual level and as a people of God.

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