When Seedbed was birthed on January 6, 2012, much of our work revolved around publishing—namely books and studies that could be trusted as Bible-based, with no other agenda. Sowing for a great awakening, though, requires far more than simply studying Scripture. Greater knowledge without greater love, greater sacrifice, more prayer, and deeper community does little to invite the Kingdom of God into our hearts, homes, churches, and cities.

The first New Room Conference was held in 2014, and that’s when we first caught a glimpse of what God was truly intending to do. It was just a whisper at first, but we leaned in. You did too.

Year after year, as leaders from across the country joined their hands and hearts in worship, prayer, and planning, it became so clear to all of us: Seedbed is not a publisher. New Room is not a conference.

This thing that the Holy Spirit has been strengthening is a fellowship.

It’s as an Awakening Fellowship that we produce resources, gather the thirsty in meetings with Jesus, connect awakening leaders, and commission sowers to plant church.

The trajectory of this work has become increasingly generative and people are being anointed to go out and catalyze awakening in their own contexts. That’s what the Awakening Fellowship is all about—connecting anointed, humble, faithful leaders together. Sometimes it’s online, sometimes in-person, often in bands, but always to the end of sowing for a great awakening.

Fellowships are organically started and are loosely led. In the last few years, we’ve sensed the Lord organizing two specific groups: pastors and worship leaders. Information on those two fellowships is below. We continue to discern several other growing fellowships as well, including the Unretired (55+), Gen Z, and church planters.

Fellowship of Awakening Pastors​

This fellowship of awakening leaders (pastors and those in full-time vocational ministry) exists for one reason, and one reason only – to encourage you as you encourage those given to your care (Heb. 3:13).

If we as pastors can be a part of an awakening to the deep meaning of life and faith in Jesus, as we continue to be “rooted and established in love” ourselves (Eph. 3:16-19), then we can all believe together that the Spirit will lead us in developing models and structures that advance the awakening of human hearts through our local churches.

After all, Jesus did say, “I will build my Church” (Matt. 16:18).

To the end of awakening and disciple-making, we are here to encourage you, as a pastor. You’ll hear us continually asking this question: You’re taking care of your flock—who’s taking care of your soul?

We’ll be in touch with opportunities for connection, encouragement, and spiritual renewal opportunities that are designed for you—and we look forward to seeing you in our next gathering.

Fellowship of Awakening Worship Leaders​

If you were at our New Room event in 2021, you may remember that moment on Friday morning when worship pastor Mark Swayze invited anyone involved in worship and creative leadership to come to the front for prayer.

As hundreds crowded forward, we knew we were suddenly witnessing the kairos formation of a new fellowship. Ever since, there has been growing anticipation of an inaugural gathering of men and women who carry a call to welcome God’s presence and shepherd meetings with him.

For this reason, we created ALTARS—a retreat for worship leaders who care about leading toward awakening. Hosted by our familiar and well-trusted team, this first gathering will be an opportunity for worship leaders across the New Room family to find one another, work out core convictions, and cultivate friendships God could use for helping others encounter Jesus in our communities.

The Awakening Project​

The Awakening Project is a national initiative of students and pastors contending for the college campus. It’s estimated that 42 million young people could leave the church by 2050. If awakening were to come among emerging generations, what could it look like?

Awakening Project is a gathering with the purpose of forming a community of emerging leaders in an awakening movement. Teaching, worship, prayer, and living history experiences at sites of historic awakenings will inspire us to seek a move of God in our generation.

Get the Wake-Up Call!

The biggest fellowship in our community is the tens of thousands who gather together each morning around what we refer to as our Wake-Up Call: A short scripture, a reflection, a prayer, and some questions to meditate on throughout the day.

We invite you to join us!