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Seedbed is a mission. Seedbed has a business.

We are a mission. The mission of Seedbed is to gather, connect, and resource the people of God to sow for a great awakening. As a part of fulfilling that mission, we are building a business. Our business generates revenue through the sales of a range of disciple-making resources and conference and event tickets. The sales revenue from the business covers the largest item of our budget—the overhead expenses from salaries of our Farm Team. In other words, our business covers the cost of doing business.

So where does fundraising come in,
and what happens to those funds?

For starters, we don’t see ourselves as “raising funds.” We receive funds. We share opportunities and vision. God brings provision through the generous giving of our Seed Team.

We receive those funds and convert them into all manner of seeds for all manner of sowing. And mind you, this is extravagant sowing. As noted, Seedbed sells resources, but we give away far more in resourcing than we sell. Our business is efficient. Our mission is extravagant. For instance, Wake-Up Call is given away. Discipleship Bands resources are given away. Scholarships for courses are given away. Many New Room tickets are given away or are otherwise subsidized in scholarship. Many of our gatherings, online and otherwise, are offered at no cost to participants.

This is how Jesus’ kingdom works. Many people freely receive from Jesus through Seedbed. Many then freely give back to Jesus through Seedbed. We freely receive those gifts, and we turn around and give more away.

When you give to Jesus through Seedbed, your gifts are actually expanding the mission of extravagant sowing into new fields and extending the work of sowing for great awakening far beyond anything the few people on our team could do.

Recurring Gifts

Each year Seedbed creates and gives away more than a million dollars’ worth of resources. This is only possible thanks to the generous financial support of more than 6,000 sowers on what we call the Seed Team. Through their contributions to the Great Awakening Fund, they have formed a community of support for a new work of God in our day.

We invite you to partner with us financially as we focus on a few key initiatives, including the Wake-Up Call.

We need the support of those who share our belief in the power of God’s love to awaken and transform this world. Please consider joining us on this mission to sow the love of Jesus in hearts, homes, churches, and cities across our country and throughout the world.

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Sponsor the Wake-Up Call

Wake-Up Call provides a daily encouragement to shake off the slumber of our busy lives and turn our eyes toward Jesus. Each morning our community gathers around a Scripture, a reflection, a prayer, and a few short questions, inviting us to reorient our lives around the love of Jesus who transforms our hearts, homes, churches, and cities.

Wake-Up Call (formerly The Daily Text) has grown to be much more than a daily reflection sent over email. Through the encouragement of the Wake-Up Call community, we’ve birthed:

  • A Facebook Group
  • A prayer movement
  • A fasting community
  • Wake-Up Call Reading Groups
  • Multiple book series for individuals, groups, and churches.


It takes daily effort from nine different Seedbed team members and monthly investment into multiple technologies to sow Wake-Up Call and its related initiatives as freely as we do. We’re deeply committed to this ongoing, transformational work, and welcome you to join hands with us as we continue to sow this resource into our communities and expand its reach to new channels and audiences.

“One of the most powerful and important Words for the Body of Christ, brilliantly articulated and explained. Am using your devotional as the foundation for ministry and discipleship to others. Thank you. All glory to God!” —Sandra S.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I give by check?
You can make your check out to “Seedbed.” In the memo line, write “Donation” followed by the campaign you would like to support (e.g. “Donation: New Room” or “Donation: Wake-Up Call”). If you would like your gift to support the general Seedbed Great Awakening Fund, you can simply write “Donation.”

Mail the check to the following address:
Seedbed, Inc.
415 Bridge St.
Franklin, TN 37064

Can I give through a Donor Advised Fund?
Yes! Our EIN is 86-3295151. If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to Rachel Smith at

Can I give a gift via stock?
Yes! Email Rachel Smith at for instructions.

Get the Wake-Up Call!

The biggest fellowship in our community is the tens of thousands who gather together each morning around what we refer to as our Wake-Up Call: A short scripture, a reflection, a prayer, and some questions to meditate on throughout the day.

We invite you to join us!