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Day: February 13, 2012

Single at Seminary: An Online Dating Experience

I want to be married. And yet, I’m still single. Thinking God might need a more active role from me, I decided to join the online dating scene through eHarmony.  It was a three-month adventure, for sure, but not one I care to repeat. Everyone I never wanted to meet, I met via online dating.

The very first match I received was an exceptionally attractive man, whose name shall remain anonymous. I’ll simply refer to him as The Camel. (Watch out – he spits.) 

We talked on the phone twice, and then agreed to meet in a public place. Sure I thought he talked a lot, but I believed in grace and wrote it off as nervousness.  Before we met, he asked that no matter what, we keep the date to two hours.  That sounded like a reasonable boundary, so I agreed. 

Then, I met The Camel in person.

Bless his heart, he talked […]

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The Monday Morning Coffee Break

The Monday morning Coffee Break brings you several Seedbed curated links of interest this morning, ranging from Ben Witherington III response to John Piper claims to a compilation of social media policies for ministries. Check it out.

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February 13: Psalm 145

February 13: Psalm 145 An acrostic song of praise about the Lord— a meditation upon God’s character and attributes Long Meter 88.88 D                 Before the Throne of God Above In Christ Alone Guidance (He Leadeth

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