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Day: July 31, 2014

Is the S-word Taboo?

The problem is that a Wesleyan without sanctification is like a ship without a rudder. It is at the heart of how John Wesley understood the life of faith, and the piece of our tradition that has the most potential for transformation in the next generation. Understanding it is very important.

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What the Holy Spirit is Doing Around the World

What do well-drilling, youth ministry, medical ministry have in common? They’re all ways in which the Holy Spirit is powerfully moving across the world. In this article, Reed Hoppe of The Mission Society shares the testimonies of 7 different missionary families doing sharing in inspiring kingdom stories around the world.

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Elizabeth Glass Turner ~ The Vast Sufferer

If you don’t face your own suffering, how will you ever find rest? Real, true rest for the mind and spirit? To face your own suffering is to come uncomfortably close to Christ in Gethsemene: does the idea of Christ, the suffering servant, comfort or trouble you? The fully divine, fully human being sweating drops of blood from anguish…

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