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Day: August 16, 2014

Canon Andrew White on Ministry in Iraq (Full Interview)

In light of recent events in Iraq, we’re running the full interview of our time with the Vicar of Baghdad, Canon Andrew White. Rev. Canon Andrew White shares how he ended up in Baghdad and offers helpful insight into what church life looks like in hostile environments. Remember to pray for the global church, especially those who worship and serve in hostile areas.

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Tom Fuerst ~ Terms and Conditions Do Apply – Genesis 15:6, 17:9-14

The central question for Abraham was never, “Are you circumcised?” The central question was, “Is your circumcision a reflection of walking blamelessly and faithfully before God?” The central question for the church, then, is, “In doing these things [baptism, accepting Jesus, or taking Communion] are they expressions of faithfulness and an awareness and a pursuit of the terms and conditions of a covenant relationship with God?” It is not, “Do you call yourself a Christian?” It is, “Do you live a life worthy of that name?”

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